VivoKey Special Projects

VivoKey Special Projects are experiments that explore what's possible. We constantly strive to integrate new capabilities into our own products through strategic integration and collaboration with service providers and product manufacturers, however that process is often slow and delays crop up that have nothing to do with our technology or the technical ability to integrate those services. In those situations, we may explore a "special project" wherein we convert an existing contactless device to make it suitable for implantation.


Sometimes a special project results in a device that is much larger than what would be possible if a legitimate, integrated solution were created. The goal of any VivoKey special project is to always show what's possible, and show that people do want an integrated solution. If you are a product manufacturer or service provider that would like to explore integration, please contact us.


Contactless Payment

Pay with just a wave of your hand with this converted payment chip.


Tesla Key Implant

Get in your Model 3 and drive away with just a wave of your hand.