VivoKey Spark

VivoKey cryptobionics use industry standard contactless NFC secure element chips, giving you the power of strong cryptography with just a wave of your hand.

The Spark is a tiny cylindrical cryptobionic implant just 2.1mm by 14mm. It comes in a pre-sterlized injection assembly, making it easily installed by any medical professional or licensed body piercer.


Typically installed into the squishy webbing between thumb and index finger, the Spark will enable you to do amazing things with just a wave of your hand.

The Spark cryptographically links you with your VivoKey Identity in a way that is extremely secure yet easy to use. It is your key to a new world of enhanced digital identity and convenience.


Configure your Spark and secure your digital identity using the VivoKey smartphone app. No chip programming or fiddling around. Plug-and-play all the way.

Easily share your VivoKey Identity when anyone scans your Spark with their NFC enabled smartphone. Don't feel like sharing? You can go to private mode with a single tap in the VivoKey app.


As the VivoKey platform continues to grow, so will your new capabilities. Authenticating online accounts, logging into your computer, and securing physical doors and devices are all features coming soon.

We've created the world's first cryptobionic implants, and securely linked them to the cloud with an innovative API. Developer kits are available upon request. We also love enterprise partnerships and integration.