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Special Project


The VivoKey Flex One is a multi-application, implantable smart card platform that is perfectly suited to run personal identity applications like the Tesla Model 3 keycard applet. This is the little Java Card application that runs within Tesla keycards, but it could also be securely deployed to the Flex One alongside other useful tools like PGP and Bitcoin wallet applets. We remain hopeful Tesla will be willing to explore this option, eventually. Until then, we are reduced to converting Tesla keycards into single-use implantable devices. This is not ideal, but some of our customers who also own Tesla Model 3 cards are not willing to wait for a potential collaboration between VivoKey and Tesla - one way or another, they want the security and convenience of an implanted Model 3 key card today, so we created a VivoKey special project.


Remove the chip and coil from the Tesla keycard


Attach new antenna and encapsulate in biopolymer.


Program the Model 3 to accept the TeslaFlex implant.


Implant it! (VIDEO)


This special project is still a work in progress. Check back for updates!