VivoKey Special Project:

Payment Implant

VivoKey is working through official channels to develop an implantable payment device. We have the technology stack finished, now we are just looking for an EU bank that wants to step into the future. However, some of our customers  didn't want to wait. They contacted us about converting their existing contactless payment devices into implants, and we just couldn't say no.

We took a contactless payment fob, removed the chip and inductor circuit, and encapsulated them with our proprietary biopolymer coating. The resulting device is a very flexible "wafer" that is only 0.5mm thick. This flexibility lets the implant sit comfortably below the dermal layer.

Patrick Paumen , famous biohacker and friend of VivoKey, approached us with a request to convert an ABN AMRO payment fob into an implantable device. This is his demo using it to purchase something from a vending machine.