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Flex One

The VivoKey Flex One is an NFC secure element smart card implant that runs Java Card applets. These applets are small software programs which give the Flex One it’s magical powers.

We have partnered with Fidesmo to ensure a robust applet store filled with useful applications, powered by creative developers as well as strategic partnerships with larger corporations and service providers.

The Fidesmo Android app makes deploying applets to the Flex One easy. The ecosystem of applets is always expanding as Fidesmo brings on more service providers.

The Flex One also connects to your VivoKey Identity to secure a collection of VivoKey services that will continue to grow as more applications and service providers integrate VivoKey API support.

The Flex One is currently in private beta and is not available for purchase by the public, yet.

Flex One Applets

While Flex One can install and run any of the applets from the Fidesmo service, we have engineered the following applets specifically for the Flex One.

The VivoKey OTP applet can store and generate 2-factor OTP codes in vivo. Always keep your OTP codes handy.

The VivoKey NDEF applet enables your Flex One to act as an NFC Type 4 tag for interacting with NDEF data.


Coming soon.

VivoKey PGP

Coming soon.

VivoKey U2F

Coming soon.

VivoKey WebAuthn

Coming soon.

VivoKey KeePass

Coming soon.

VivoKey GIDS

In development.

VivoKey PIV