VivoKey Ecosystem

The VivoKey ecosystem is the collection of VivoKey Identity Services that revolve around you. Our platform links your VivoKey Digital Identity with 3rd party websites and services through standardized secure identity provider APIs such as OAuth2, OpenID Connect, and SAML.


Your VivoKey Identity is your cryptobionically secured, trusted digital identity. It's you that matters, not your account names and passwords.


Our smartphone app is the bridge that connects your VivoKey cryptobionic implant with the VivoKey Identity platform and associated services.


The VivoKey service platform will continue to grow as more applications and services integrate VivoKey API support. Your upgrade grows with us!

VivoKey Chip Implants


No usernames. No passwords. Your digital identity is secured with a chip implant.


The Spark is an easy to install  cryptobionic NFC implant that secures your VivoKey Digital Identity and links you with the community platform.

  • 2mm x 12mm secure NFC implant

  • AES128 bit cryptography in vivo

  • Mutual authentication protection

  • Secures your digital identity

  • Links you with VivoKey platform


The Apex line is a powerful implantable NFC secure element smart card platform. Apex Flex works with the VivoKey platform just like Spark, and you can also deploy and run autonomous Java Card applets!

  • Autonomous applet execution

  • PGP/OTP/U2F/WebAuthn etc.

  • Links you with VivoKey platform