VivoKey Demo Card

The VivoKey demo card mimics the functionality of our VivoKey Spark cryptobionic implant, and is meant to make development and testing easier for integration partners.

Install the app

To get started, install the VivoKey app from the Google Play Store.


​​Create a profile

Once you have the app installed, open it and scan your demo card. This will start the process of creating a new VivoKey profile and linking your demo card to it. Your profile is central to the VivoKey identity service, as it contains the identity data that will be provided to OAuth2 and Open ID Connect relying parties.

Submit a profile PIN

After submitting basic profile data, you will need to set a 6 digit profile PIN code. This PIN code is used to protect the ability link other devices to your VivoKey profile. You must scan and enter your profile PIN to link a new device or app install.

Scan behavior

Once your PIN is confirmed, your new profile is created, the demo card is linked to it, and you are asked to set your demo card's scan behavior - i.e. when someone scans your demo card, what do you want to happen?

Client ID and secret (API)

From the dashboard screen you can tap Profile Settings, then go to Advanced to create a new custom application and receive a client ID and secret. The client ID and secret are used for both OpenID Connect token requests as well as VivoKey validation API requests. Applications, once created, are not able to be edited, so take care when creating them. If you need to update your application, create a new one and plan your transition accordingly. Once transitioned, delete the old application.

Demo card reset

VivoKey demo cards mimic the VivoKey Spark implant in every way, except that they undergo a hard reset 30 days following association with a VivoKey profile. If the profile has no other secure VivoKey devices associated with it after the demo card is reset, that profile and all associated application credentials will be deleted as well.